About Olive The Other Reindeer

Olive the other reindeer was born at the Boogie Woogie Ranch in the North Pole.

Olive is smart and beautiful.

People all over the world came in flocks to see her!

With all the attention Olive was getting, the fame got to her head, became bossy and did not play nice with the other reindeer. She would laugh at them and call them names.

Yes, it’s true! Olive became very entitled…

Olive decides that she was better than the rest, so she ran away to find a new home.

On her journey, she meets Dipsy the cuckoo bird. The fastest and smartest animal in the forest!

Dipsy helps Olive realize that being with family and becoming a team player is the simplest answer to happiness.

Not only does helping others make her feel good, she also discovers that her nose glows bright green whenever she does good deeds!

Olive The Other Reindeer

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